Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill

The Best Restaurant Design Award is selected based on how the restaurant design (spatially and aesthetically) suits service and function as well as customer comfort and enjoyment. This year Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine was tasked with the honor of choosing the 2016 winner, Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill.

“I love how the light comes blasting into the windows like a cup of joe to your system,” says Colorado Home & Lifestyles editor in chief Kate Meyers. “I love the old-school use of tile, the velvet and gold, the logos, the fonts, the mugs, the overall attention to detail—and, of course, the use of neon art in the bathroom.”

Capitol Hill is the second location for Black Eye Coffee and the operations and design aesthetic are a vast departure from the original store. This store is open late, serves food and cocktails as well as morning coffee, has much sleeker design elements with art deco lines, colors and textures.

They feel that design is an important part of any restaurant because it is the first thing that dictates a person’s experience when they walk in the door. The space can set the tone for the rest of the experience. The Black Eye Coffee partners self-designed the space without outside consultants, sourcing all the fixtures and furniture themselves. “We all aimed to create a highly versatile space that could stay incredibly efficient in a high-volume environment.”

The main idea or design challenge was to have a space transform from a coffee/cafe vibe to a cocktail lounge at night. They went through several iterations of that and settled on the back bar spinning so that it showcases coffee during the day and spins to show a full bar at night. Other changes include different lighting and music, creating a whole new vibe depending on the time of day.

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